What is a dental abscess and how to treat it

A dental abscess is a pocket of pus that forms on your gums. Often, the gum becomes swollen and red, like a boil. An abscess is caused by a bacterial infection.  Types of dental abscess Symptoms of a dental abscess The most common symptoms of a dental abscess are: How to treat a dental abscess […]

Oldest Evidence of Dentistry

Dental decay (most commonly cavities) is considered one of the most common dental conditions in the world. Dental decay isn’t new, either. Scientists have found skulls with decayed teeth as early as 25,000 B.C and writings about dental decay (or ‘dental worms’) by Sumerians as early as 5000 B.C.  Dentistry, then, is also one of […]

3 Tips for Dealing with Dental Fear

To be afraid of the dentist is actually really common. It can be as mild as having butterflies in your stomach from the moment you enter the dentist’s office, or as major as having anxiety from the moment you’ve scheduled your appointment. For some, though, that fear leads to avoiding or even cancelling dental appointments […]

Are teeth supposed to be white?

If we believed everything we saw on TV and in the movies, we would believe that the whiter the teeth, the better. But you’ll be (happily) surprised to know that’s not the case! Actually, depending on your genetics and the thickness of your teeth’s enamel, it’s quite normal for your teeth not to be completely […]

What is oral cancer and how to prevent it

Oral cancers are cancers that affect the on and under the tongue, the lining of the gums, the cheeks or roof of the mouth, the lips, and the back of the throat. They can be caused by smoking or alcohol use, or both. Oral cancer can also be caused by HPV. One American dies from […]

All About Dental Assistants!

Last week was Dental Assistants Recognition week and we celebrated Flawless Dental’s dental assistants on our Facebook page. Today, we will talk a little about the role of a dental assistant within a dental practice! What is a dental assistant? Dental assistants play an integral role in any dental practice. They have many responsibilities, including […]

Benefits of calcium on tooth enamel

Did your parents ever tell you to drink milk for stronger bones? That’s because your parents knew that milk has calcium in it. But strong bones aren’t the only thing calcium is good for.  Calcium plays an essential role in our oral health because just like it helps to strengthen bones, it helps to strengthen […]

Should I get dental implants?

There are plenty of reasons why someone might be missing one or a few teeth. Tooth loss can be due to tooth decay, gum (periodontal) disease, or injury.  In the past, the only options for tooth loss were bridges and crowns. Luckily, since the 1970s, dental implants have become more and more popular.  Benefits of […]

Genetics and Oral Health

Do you ever wish a test could tell you what your oral health will look like in 5, 10, or 15 years? Unfortunately, there is no such test. You might be wondering why… According to the American Dental Association, there is no single gene that is responsible for cavities and/or periodontal disease. These oral health […]

What are tonsil stones and how to prevent them

You’ve probably heard of kidney stones or gallstones, but have you ever heard of tonsil stones? Your tonsils are made up of tissue in the back of your mouth that contain lymph nodes and help to filter out viruses and bacteria. Tonsil stones are a build-up of all that crosses through your mouth.  What are […]