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Does AI have a place in dentistry?

There’s a lot of chitchat about the rise of AI. Some people are excited about what will become possible, and others are afraid of how it could take over. 

But did you know that AI is already being used and actually beneficial for dentistry? Here are just a few of the ways Manny Chopra, D.M.D., chair of the ADA Council on Dental Practice mentioned in a recent article: 

Administrative support

Some dental practices employ AI tools to automate scheduling, reminders, and billing. Using these tools allows dental assistants to spend more time harnessing relationships with patients and ensuring the best possible patient experience. 

Treatment planning

Software that integrates AI can assist in creating treatment plans for patients by analyzing and comparing patient data against case studies and treatment outcomes. 

Virtual and augmented reality

AI tools are used in patient education and treatment visualisation. These digital realities allow dentists to better teach and show patients the difference in outcomes that specific treatments can provide.

Imaging and diagnostics 

AI algorithms can analyze dental images (such as X-ray images and intraoral scans) to assist dentists in more accurately and efficiently diagnosing and in turn treating oral diseases.

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