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What is the Deal With Gum Contouring?


If you dislike your smile, there are many dental treatments that can be performed to change that. But, if you have high gums that give you the appearance of small teeth and a gummy smile, then laser gum surgery is the right treatment for you.

Many patients complain about high gums because it makes their teeth look small and short. A variety of things can cause excess gum tissues such as certain medical conditions, medications, developmental gum problems, genetics, and even decay. While any combination of these things could be why you suffer from excess gum tissue, only laser gum surgery and laser gum contouring can fix it.

If you are unhappy about your gums showing when you smile, then your dentist can use a laser to remove excess gum tissues. Your cosmetic dentist will use laser dentistry to pinpoint the large gums in your mouth and contour them to a height that is natural looking and beautiful.

The benefit of using laser dentistry is its precision. When using a laser, your cosmetic dentist can accurately and precisely target the areas of your smile that you would like contoured. The laser also comes with the added benefit of easing the inflammation of red, irritated, and inflamed gums. By using the laser on irritated gums it makes the gums more resistant to bacteria.

The best part about laser dentistry is that the treatment causes no bleeding or pain and results in a quick recovery.