Having dentures presents a distinct set of challenges. Everything from getting used to the fit in your mouth, to the way it feels when you chew, and how to clean them can be difficult. Here are some tips to make sure you’re cleaning your dentures right.

1. First, you will want to rinse your dentures before brushing. Rinsing off your dentures before brushing allows for any loose food to be removed.
2. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean all of the surfaces of your dentures. Make sure to use a non-abrasive cleanser on your dentures to make sure that they do not get scratched.
3. Make sure to also clean your and brush your mouth well to avoid irritation and bad breath. Brush your gums, cheeks, tongue, and the roof of your mouth to avoid any plaque buildup.
4. When not wearing your dentures, make sure to keep them in water to prevent warping.

These simple tips to follow will help denture-wearers keep their dentures clean and keep their mouth healthy.

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