If you are like me, scared of dental work and have sensitive teeth, this place is for you! My family and I have been patients for almost 7 years and everyone in that office always goes above and beyond for their patients. My last dental work prompted me to lеаve a review given how incredibly professional Dr. Bhatt and David handled the fact that one of my teeth just wouldn’t get numb despite the novocaine injection. They assured me that they won’t allow for any pain during my visit, whether that means waiting longer for the medicine to fully work or try other numbing options. Dr. Bhatt took her time (despite her busy schedule) to perform a dental block (which was completely painless) and do additional numbing and comforting (by explaining each step in details which truly helped my anxiety). In addition, I like the fact that they are very clear and always upfront with the cost and let you know about co-pays ahead of time (so no surprise bills!). Also, they have an amazing hygienist Regina, who does the most thorough cleaning I’ve ever had, and is very knowledgeable about oral health in general. And, of course, the owner, Dr. Khanna, truly cares about all patients and personally involved in all cases by carefully monitoring everything that goes in the office. Overall, having multiple dental work in the past with other dentists, this place is hands down one of the best in my experience!