I’ve been a long-term patient at Flawless Dental and they have always gone out of their way to not only feel welcome, but they are quite genuine. I’ve always been satisfied with how my oral health has been managed.

Last year, I decided to get braces as the crowding of my lower teeth was getting to a point where it could be a serious issue later in life–I believe the term “possible loss of bone” may have been uttered and that was enough for me. Even though I trust Flawless Dental, the thought of any invasive dental procedures scares me silly. That being said, I made the appointment with their orthodontist and together we came up with a plan. Age-wise, let’s just say that I am…over 35, and leave it at that.

Last January, 2018, I had traditional braces installed. I didn’t qualify for Invisalign, which was fine, because I wanted the traditional braces. Plus, they made me look younger and who wouldn’t want that? I’m not going to tell you any horror stories because, quite frankly, my braces experience went great! Yeah, the adjustments gave me head aches and some pain, but all in all, it went great. (Except for when I had to wear the elastics. I could have done without them, but I needed to wear them for awhile.) Moving on, those times that I did break a bracket, or 2, I was able to be seen fairly quickly and it never interfered with my treatment plan. If I ever had a question, it was answered the same day–I even got a phone call on a day that they were closed!

During this time, I went to Flawless for my regular dental check ups and cleanings and it was so nice to literally go someplace where they know your name! I never felt like a number.

This week, after 19 months of braces, I had them removed. My teeth look amazing! I’m so happy I did this and so happy that I trusted Flawless Dental not only with my smile, but with my dental health. I don’t even live near them, but will happily travel so that I can continue getting, in my opinion, the best dental care.

I highly and strongly recommend Flawless Dental. They are just great. They’re honest, trustworthy, professional, fun, and experienced. There’s such a great vibe there. The offices are clean and the equipment is modern. And they make your teeth look fantastic!!