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Is Sparkling Water Bad For Your Teeth?

America is in the midst of a very real craze that is bubbling throughout the nation: seltzer. Between seltzer waters and “spiked” alcoholic seltzer beverages, it’s time to bring something to everyone’s attention: the effects of fizzy drinks on your smile!

Indeed, retail sales of fizzy beverage grew 88% in the last six years, and Americans are drinking almost 170 gallons of it each year. There are now numerous companies offering dozens of flavors. Many roll out seasonal products each year to keep their product lines fresh and their customers happy. Spiked seltzers are actually similar in ABV to many beers!

However, what does this mean for your oral health? Does crushing a few cans of your favorite fizzy water come with any downsides?

Unfortunately, seltzer does come with one downside: acid. Seltzer is an acidic drink which can wear down tooth enamel. Fortunately, seltzer is a weak acid, and generally less erosive than soda beverages. However, citrus seltzer flavorings can increase the acidity levels of the beverage, so it’s important to note which flavors you are indulging on.

Despite the risk of enamel erosion, noticeable damage will only occur when the beverages are consumed over a long period of time, and unsweetened seltzers are always a healthier choice than a soda.

The best advice would be to try and limit your seltzer consumption in-between meals and drink plenty of plain water if you do not already do so. The good news is that if you are an otherwise healthy adult who limits their sugar and acid intake, it is unlikely that seltzers will be a main cause of cavities or other oral health problems.

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