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The Reason Why Cheese is Good for Your Teeth

Did you know that eating cheese could help you fight cavities?

While it may come as a surprise, a 2014 study in the Academy of General Dentistry clinical journal points to the fact that cheese is good for your teeth. That’s right, that slice of sharp cheddar is looking better and better.

The reason? It all has to do with pH levels. If the pH level in your mouth is below 5.5 (too acidic) you are at risk for tooth decay and erosion, or the wearing away of the enamel. Without this glossy, protective outside layer, your teeth lose their main line of defense against cavities and other oral health problems.

After eating cheese, there was a rapid increase of saliva production in those participating in the study. As their saliva levels increased, the participants’ oral pH levels increased as well. This discovery led doctors to believe that cheese may help ward off cavities. So go ahead and add cheese to the list of foods to eat for a healthy mouth.

Next time you bring a salad for lunch, you have an excuse to crumble up some feta for an added health benefit for your teeth!