The holiday season can be a difficult time for your teeth. You are surrounded by sweets and drinks on what seems like a constant basis and it can wreak havoc on your teeth. These treats leave a lot of sugar on your teeth that turn into enamel-wearing acid when exposed to bacteria. Here are a couple easy ways to avoid cavities during this sweet holiday season!

Consume Candy in Moderation

We know it is hard to stop snacking once you start, but try to limit your candy consumption. Perhaps opt for sugar-free candy as an alternative to help protect your teeth. Also, it is better for your teeth to eat chocolate then chewy, sticky candies that can get trapped in between teeth.

Red or White Wine?

Wine is very acidic, which can harm your teeth. During the holidays, reach for red instead of white! Although red wine is known for causing stains (tip: sip some water between glasses to avoid staining!), it is less acidic than white wine. White wine is more harmful to your teeth in the long run, so try drinking red instead and pair it with foods high in calcium and phosphorus such as cheese, poultry, and nuts.

In the midsts of these holiday treats, make sure to keep up your brushing and flossing routine. To take it a step further, try rinsing your mouth after eating or drinking sugary foods!