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The Jury is Still Out on E-Cigarettes

Some cigarette users switch to the electronic version in hopes of reducing their addiction and adverse health effects. However, recent research warns that e-Cigarettes may be even worse for you than traditional cigarettes, and they don’t help you quit smoking. Users may be deceived on multiple accounts, with no known benefit in return. If you are considering transitioning to e-Cigarettes to cut back on your smoking habit, consider gums, patches, and the old faithful cold turkey first.

First a quick health disclosure – it is unwise to put anything through your lungs other than air (and blood that will be oxygenated). Traditional cigarettes put ash and tar into your body; e-Cigarettes bring carcinogens such as formaldehyde and other chemicals into your system. As e-Cigarettes do not decrease nicotine addiction, the buffet of preservatives your body is exposed to will only increase.

Smoking greatly heightens your risk of mouth, throat, and lung cancers, as well as gum disease and aggressive tooth loss. Stained teeth and chronic bad breath are also common conditions among smokers. Do right by your oral and physical health and seriously consider the risks of smoking – all kinds – today.

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