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How Fragile is Porcelain Dental Work?

Dentist Examining Patient Mouth

When you hear the word porcelain, what is the first thing that comes to mind? A fragile figurine or an old-school tea set? We normally do not usually associate the term with our teeth, but when discussing topics of crowns, veneers, and bridges, it is a common word to come across. If associated with fragility, then why exactly are dentists using this material so often? Don’t we want our teeth to withstand even the slightest of rigor and be strong enough to stay intact?

In short, the answer is yes, but you may be surprised to learn that with regards to eating, drinking, and chewing, porcelain is actually equally durable to our natural teeth… and sometimes even stronger!

There are many different types of porcelain to choose from, including “glass leucite, zirconium, lithium disilicate,” and more. Picking the right one for your smile depends on your individual teeth. Our first thoughts of porcelain may be that of fragility, but in truth, all types of porcelain that are applied to our teeth are resilient enough to last a lifetime!

If you have any questions regarding the durability of this material or the process in which your dentist uses porcelain, set up a consultation to discuss the best option for you and your teeth. Your pearly whites will not only look better and whiter but will be able to withstand many of life’s accidents and incidents.