Beware of Brushing?

Too much brushing can’t hurt, right? Not exactly. The American Dental Association recommends that everyone brush their teeth at least twice per day. If you’re especially keen about taking perfect care of your teeth, maybe you brush after meals too. But be warned: there is a right way to do this. Researchers have discovered that […]

What Challenges Do Adults With Braces Face?

It used to be pretty rare for anyone other than teenagers to have braces, but in today’s society everyone with a crooked tooth or an overbite has the option to get it corrected with adult braces. Adults have a wider array of orthodontic appliances available to them that make the process more streamlined and less […]

3 Budget Friendly Options for Treating Sensitive Teeth

Having sensitive teeth can be a real bummer. It can prevent you from eating the foods you love and cause you pain. While it may sound pricey to treat sensitive teeth, there are a few simple things you can do to help relieve any pain and discomfort you may be having. 1. Change Your Toothpaste […]

Therapy & Dental Anxiety

For some people, fear of the dentist can be debilitating enough to prevent them from seeking the routine or even emergency care they need. As a result, these people are often in poorer oral health, as their lack of treatment snowballs into larger issues. An Answer to Anxiety? Now there may be a new answer. […]

The Scary Link Between Childhood Obesity and Tooth Decay

Obesity in Children Childhood obesity has been plaguing America’s youth for quite some time. the obesity rate in children has risen to 17% over the last two decades, it’s more important than ever to consider the link between weight and oral health. We live in a world where everything is big. Our restaurant chains are […]

Welcome Claudia Hernandez!

Meet our talented new Dental Hygienist, Claudia Hernandez! Claudia’s kind nature is a welcome addition to our office. We appreciate the thoroughness and gentle care she displays with each patient–and we know you will too. Click here to learn more about Claudia!

Get to Know Dr. Kelley

Get to know Dr. Justine Kelley, the newest member of our team of experienced dentists! Like all of us at Flawless Dental, Dr. Kelley is dedicated to helping her patients achieve optimal oral health and the smile they’ve always dreamed of. We know you’ll love her personal approach and can’t wait for you to meet […]

Could Fillings Be a Thing of the Past?

Could fillings be a thing of the past? Scientists in London have developed a pain-free filling that doesn’t require drilling or injections. Normally, a dentist would remove the decay by drilling and then the cavity is filled with a material such as amalgam or composite resin. The new treatment technique, developed by King’s College London […]

Can mouthwash lower premature birth rates?

Pregnant women are at risk for gum disease because of hormonal changes in their bodies. Gum disease poses health risks to both the mother and the unborn child – but using alcohol-free mouthwash may lower the risk of preterm delivery! Premature births are nearly 13% of all births in the US, and pose many medical […]

Everything You Need to Know About Baby Teeth

Having a baby is a challenge of its own, but have a teething baby is a whole other challenge. We know that oral health for your little one is very important, so here is a guide for you to follow regarding your baby’s teeth. Your child is born with their 20 primary teeth present in […]