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Brush Before or After Breakfast?

Dentists suggest that we brush twice a day, and so most of us have figured out a morning-evening rotation. Yet the timing, content, or social situation of breakfast presents us with a puzzle: Should we brush first thing in the morning? Wait until after the morning meal? Does it depend on what we eat?

After a night’s sleep, our mouths have a considerable amount of plaque and we brush to remove the build-up of bacteria. Some of us are concerned about arriving at the breakfast table with bad breath when in mixed company, while at other times, the thought of orange juice mixing with a minty mouth is terribly distasteful.

Since breakfast often includes fruit in liquid or whole form, getting into the habit of brushing before breakfast is a good idea. Brushing your teeth after they have been exposed to high acidity greatly increases the sensitivity of tooth enamel to abrasion by toothpaste and brushing.

Brushing first thing in the morning removes the plaque build-up from your teeth, which greatly reduces acid to form when food enters your mouth. Less acid leads to less erosion, and ultimately stronger teeth.

Paying attention to your oral health first thing in the morning is an excellent way to start the day!