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Are teeth supposed to be white?

If we believed everything we saw on TV and in the movies, we would believe that the whiter the teeth, the better. But you’ll be (happily) surprised to know that’s not the case!

Actually, depending on your genetics and the thickness of your teeth’s enamel, it’s quite normal for your teeth not to be completely white. It’s pretty normal to have teeth that are off-white, yellowish, or even light gray. 

Some people have naturally thinner enamel, so the yellow dentin (the inner second layer of your teeth) is more visible. 

Are yellow teeth bad?

Now you know that there are many different reasons why you might have naturally yellow teeth. But, tobacco use, poor dental hygiene, certain medications, and diet can all lead to yellow teeth. The yellowing happens when your tooth enamel is damaged or stained, or if you have plaque buildup. 

Tips for a bright smile

The best tips to follow are those you get from your dentist and dental hygienists at each visit:

  • Make sure to brush and floss twice a day 
  • Try to rinse your mouth after every meal
  • Clean your tongue, too

Of course, you can always ask your dentist about professional teeth whitening options. If you have questions about the color of your teeth or anything else, contact our office today by phone (617-332-2872) or via our booking form: