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Solutions for Teeth Sensitivity

Ouch (we say as we grab our mouth)! Whether it’s a chilling bite of ice cream hitting our enamel, or a piece of candy affecting some previous bacterial buildup, tooth sensitivity is caused by many different factors. Here are some ways to help aid in lessening the symptoms of tooth sensitivity.

What exactly is tooth sensitivity anyway? Each and every one of our teeth is a “tissue at its core, covered by enamel.” When that enamel breaks down, or is affected by erosion, these negative sensations can occur. Also such things as brushing too hard, or with very hard bristles can also affect this. So is this preventable?

Indeed, there are some techniques that can help lessen the pain! Make sure to only use soft-bristled toothbrushes; become aware of any clenching or grinding habits and try to stop; brush twice a day and floss every day after brushing; eliminate acidic food and drink; and make sure you have regular dental checkups so no cavities sneak up on you!

If these experiences are affecting you seriously, talk to your dentist. There are special toothpastes that help with the pain, and fluoride treatments available in office and for at home. Sensitive teeth can affect our moods and smile if extremely painful, so if you or someone you know are experiencing such hardships, reach out to your dentist to get back on the right track to less painful teeth!