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4 Oral Hygiene Tips for Your Next Camping Trip

We’re nearing the end of summer and many families and friend groups surely have one last camping trip planned. Here are 4 tips on how to take care of your oral hygiene while you’re at the campsite!

Make a plan

Remind your fellow campers of the importance of keeping good oral hygiene habits while camping. Make sure everyone packs their toothbrush – preferably one you can get rid of when you get home since there is a small risk of bacteria or dirt latching onto it. Bring whichever toothpaste(s) you and your group prefer to make sure that the habit stays as close to those you keep at home as possible. 

Pack safe

Did you know that some animals are attracted to mint? Bring some extra sealable bags to make sure your toothpaste and brushes are well protected. It might help to keep your oral hygiene supplies safely packed away with food while you’re at the campsite. 

Pack smart

If you don’t want to carry around a whole tube of toothpaste, try getting a reusable travel-sized tube or making toothpaste dots. To make the dots, pull out a sheet of aluminium foil and squeeze our small amounts of toothpaste (dots) that correspond to brushing twice daily on your trip. Let the dots air dry and then put them in a small resealable bag. To use your dots, start by chewing one to get it separated then add some water to your mouth and brush. 

Be conscious of nature

Some kinds of toothpaste can be harsher for nature than others. Try to find yourself an environmentally friendly toothpaste and practice the spray technique when brushing. The spray technique is exactly how it sounds: once you’ve rinsed your mouth, spray the water out through pursed lips. Try to cover a large area with your spray so that you’re not depositing too much toothpaste in one place. It might feel funny, but try to think of brushing your teeth as a fun activity you get to do on your camping trip – spray and all!

What it really boils down to, though, is making sure to keep your oral hygiene habits as consistent as possible. Even when you’re camping! 

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