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3 tips for taking care of your teeth around Halloween

As dental hygiene month ends, Halloween is right around the corner!

Today we’re sharing some tips on keeping you and your kids’ teeth clean and healthy while you indulge in Halloween treats.

1. Choose smart treats

Whether it’s the candy your kids bring home or leftovers from what you were handing out, try to make smart choices! Chocolate is a great choice because it dissolves quickly and is easy to wash off your teeth. Sugarless gum is a good choice, too, since it increases the saliva flow in your mouth which helps to wash away leftover food particles hanging out around your teeth.

Try to avoid hard candy that can break or crack a tooth, sticky candy that is harder to wash away, and sour candy that is acidic and can weaken your tooth enamel.

2. Avoid snacking

With bite-sized candies, it can be tempting to pick one up every so often throughout the day. For your teeth’s sake, try to avoid this. Snacking intermittently throughout the day exposes your teeth to sugar buildup.

You can avoid this by choosing a designated time of day to indulge in your sweets and by brushing your teeth right after. This will help you keep the exposure to sugar short-lived and quickly washed away!

3. Drink water

Drinking water is always a good idea while eating, be it a meal, snack, or Halloween candy. Water helps to rinse away some of the sugars that cling to your teeth when eating candy.  

These are just some of the ways you can keep your and your kids’ teeth happier during this sweet holiday! As always, brushing and flossing twice a day is your daily defense against cavities and poor dental hygiene. Another important part of your routine is your 6-month checkup with your dental hygienist. Do you already have your next appointment? If not, request one here.