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Flawless Dental Acquires Planmeca Promax Pan Ceph 3D Imaging Machine

To provide better in-house diagnostic care and thereby saving patients from the hassle of shuttling to different offices, acquiring a state-of-the-art digital imaging machine was a natural progression for us as a multi-specialty family-friendly dental clinic located in the heart of Newton.

The 3D images are useful in a number of settings that help us save teeth in several ways:

  • Our periodontists use these for implant positioning and treatment planning
  • Our endodontists can more accurately assess the anatomy (number and length) of canals needing root canal therapy and can perform root tip surgeries (apicoectomies) to save infected teeth, as well as to retreat failed root canals
  • Our general dentists can diagnose fractured and infected teeth more accurately

Other than providing 3D images, the Planmeca also provides 2D images to help dentists and hygienists in diverse clinical situations such as:

  • “Pan/Ceph” (Panoramic/ Cephalometric) images for orthodontic diagnoses
  • Panoramic images for oral surgical needs (including addressing issues related to wisdom teeth)
  • Extraoral bitewings for patients who have a difficult gag reflex, with a widened field of view. No more shoving sensors uncomfortably inside the mouth to take hard-to-access images

All this with the safety of super-low doses of radiation – generally much lower than conventional X-ray machines & medical CTs – and in a way that addresses those who might find some forms of diagnostic imaging equipment claustrophobic. Call us today to learn more or to book a consultation.

Team Member Update

David Llewelyn has joined the practice as a full-time scheduling coordinator.

Donna Mansoro and Stephanie Sousa are our new two part-time hygienists. With this expansion, we are able to accommodate early morning and late evening hygiene appointments.

Staying on Top of Things

Dr Khanna attended a three-day hands-on course on Occlusion at the Frank Spears Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. She also attended the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry meetings in San Francisco. Dr Khanna attended a three-day workshop on Crowns, Veneers and Smile Design at the Frank Spears Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. For both dentists, this represents progress in a multi-year commitment to advanced dentistry and better patient care.

What We’re Up To…

Dr Khanna continues her commitment to continuing education. Last year, she attended a hands-on course on Facially Generated Treatment Planning in Scottsdale, Arizona, at the Frank Spears Center. This year in March, at the same center, she complemented this with a three-day hands-on course on dental occlusion and TMJ appliances. she also attended the meetings of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in Seattle, WA, in April.

Along with the Drs, the staff at Flawless Dental are committed to maintaining the quality of and manner in which we deliver care to our patients. In February of 2013 the entire staff attended the Yankee Dental Congress in Boston. We attended continuing education seminars in pathology which helps us to be more vigilant in providing diagnoses. We attended seminars in the latest requirements for infection control which allow us to deliver quality care in the safest environment. We attended seminars in TMJ diagnoses and treatment technologies so that we may be able to not only help our patients protect the treatment we deliver but also help them to function proficiently and comfortably. Lastly we attended a seminar in the latest whitening technologies so that we may help our patients achieve their best possible smile.

Growing Our Team to Serve You Better

Our team at Flawless Dental has evolved considerably. There are three new roles and responsibilities:
meet Jessica

Jessica Mota
In May 2012, we welcomed Jessica Mota as Office Manager and Financial Coordinator at Flawless Dental. Jessica has over eight years of experience in providing patients with a range of treatment and financial options. Jessica is also fluent in Portuguese. She loves being outdoors and spending time with her 2 ½ year old son Christopher.

Ariella Lichtman
After more than 7 years of service as a dental assistant in the local dental community , Ariella joined our team as its newest member in January 2013. She is licensed in aesthetics and has a love of art and fashion.

meet Vahid

Dr Vahid Varasteh
We were pleased to welcome Dr Vahid Varasteh who joined us towards the end of 2012. He is a 1989 graduate of Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine, and did post-graduate work at Pankey Institute and LVI Global for Advanced Dental Studies.

Jose Foronda
Jose Foronda continues to serve as our part-time accountant, book-keeper and financial planner. We were lucky to attract him from Whole Foods, where he continues as an employee in their accounting and purchasing department of long standing.

Dr. Meghan Cooper
Dr Meghan Cooper received her Doctorate of Dental Medicine from Harvard School of Dental Medicine. She also completed a Masters of Medical Sciences in Oral Biology and a three year specialty fellowship in Endodontics from Harvard. Her clinical expertise includes conventional root canal treatment, retreatment, and surgical endodontic care. Dr Cooper will use our Zeiss surgical microscope, which we had acquired earlier in 2013.

New Advances in Our Technology

newsPic131This month, April 2013, Flawless Dental is acquiring a state-of-the-art Zeiss surgical microscope, primarily for endodontic procedures. This makes it feasible for the endodontist and general dentist to get high resolution images of fine tooth structures, for more accurate diagnoses and treatment. The microscope will be perfectly integrated into the Flawless Dental workflow, even allowing for better ergonomics for the dental professional. We believe this is consistent with our philosophy of providing patients with state-of-the art care.